Carina Hart

Having recently finished a PhD at the University of East Anglia (UK), studying images of beauty in post-1980 fiction, I am now trying to do something useful with my research: asking why it matters so much to be beautiful, and why we have these particular ideas of what beauty is.

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  • Michael DB

    I just did a Google on the words:”Why do women ‘Gild the lily'”- which led me here.

    I’m a 79 yr single Englishman.

    I look at images of beautiful females on the internet. (And in real life also)
    When I was a young boy, I formed an aversion to ‘Lipstick’. (“Lipstick on your collar” was a popular pop-song at the time)

    ‘Make-up’ fills the chemists and body shops. Women flock to its products.
    I was once ‘In love’ with a woman who served in a shop. One day obviously rushed, she came without her make-up. I was shocked to discover, that she was no longer attractive to me. I had in effect, been ‘In love’ with her make-up!

    There is no denying, that gilding the lily – of woman’s beauty – is effective. It can enhance, or disguise. But, what is important to realize (In my view) is that natural unmasked female beauty, is far more powerful. Why?
    Because, it is being allowed to truthfully and nakedly, reveal the awesome wonder and power of woman, to impact on the male psyche.

    Perfumes are another ‘Mistake’. Yes; like ‘make-up’ they can alter and often enhance, in their own way. Some female perfumes have a delicious impact on the senses. BUT… they ‘mask’ the natural unique ‘body odour’ of a female and reduce that natural odour’s capacity – to both inform and impact – the very males she would naturally attract with her natural scent.

    I can still vividly recall a bus ride, where the woman in front of me had a BO to die for. I became aroused just from its impact on me. (Yes I’m sure it was her natural scent – it’s a recognizable kind of odour, which doesn’t come in a bottle)

    ‘Lipstick’ to me, is ‘barrier cream’. What male wants to kiss such a covering, when the natural softness of skin is available.

    I think many women must suffer fears about their own attractiveness. So they turn to make-up. I think they should experiment. Give ‘no make-up’ a chance. See if their relationships alter for the better.

    As for me, a woman with make-up – especially lipstick – is a problem.
    I am right now attracted to a woman who applies it and the thought of kissing her is difficult.


    Michael DB (Birmingham UK)

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