Playlist of Positivity: songs that make you feel good in your own skin

Inspired by Louis Prima’s ‘The Bigger the Figure’, I would like to present the Playlist of Positivity: too many songs are about being hot and sexy, being madly in love and having sex, and I suspect that (along with their music videos) many of these songs make us feel just a teeny bit inadequate.


So I have put together a playlist of songs that make you feel great about whoever you happen to be – as comedian and writer Amy Lamé says (I paraphrase), she loved the Smiths because their music was about being a loser, and made her feel that being a loser was OK. I’ve just realised that Lamé without the accent is of course Lame, so she obviously is OK with that!

Naturally I had to include the Smiths in the Playlist of Positivity. Here it is: enjoy!

Standing in the Way of Control – Gossip

I Like Big Butts – Sir Mix-a-Lot (the video is a bit questionable but played for laughs)

Ask – The Smiths

Born This Way – Lady Gaga (with long crazy intro)

Whole Lotta Rosie – AC/DC (gone for a live version complete with inflatable Rosie. This might be questionable too…)

Imperfection – The Tears

The Bigger the Figure – Louis Prima & his Orchestra with Keeley Smith

Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

Sweet Transvestite – Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (BEST THING EVER)

Once and Never Again – The Long Blondes

Kiss – Prince

Beauty – Tim Minchin

Independent Women – Destiny’s Child

Heroes – David Bowie

I’d love your help in expanding the list: which song would you add?

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