The Beautiful Author over at FWSA

Zadie Smith


The kind folk over at the FWSA blog (Feminist and Women’s Studies Association) have published my piece on The Beautiful Author here. Whatever would the publishing industry have done without Zadie Smith?

2 responses to “The Beautiful Author over at FWSA

  • BroadBlogs

    Congratulations. Interesting piece.

    It makes me think about women like George Sand being rejected by publishers– before the name changes–because they were women, and how that colored how their work was seen. Luckily, beauty doesn’t have as strong an effect as gender once had. But makes you wonder about how the reader perceives the material, when read through the prism of female beauty.

  • carinaintheory

    Thanks, and yes, things have certainly changed. But authors are now more visible than they used to be, and when their images get used in marketing you have to wonder about the effect of beauty… There’s an amusing scene in The Vicar of Dibley (this might be a UK only reference) where a book group are discussing Smith’s White Teeth, but none of them have read it and they just talk about how she’s “a lovely girl… yes, wonderful, wonderful writer. Lovely girl.” Poor Zadie!

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